Condo Partnership Program

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The Centre for Canine Education provides an exclusive partnership with dog-friendly condominiums in Toronto, providing live seminars, webinars, custom discount codes for residents, and special events.

Reduce the number of complaints, accidents, and incidents in and around your property by enlisting the help of a qualified team of Certified Professional Dog Trainers and Behaviour Consultants.

Increase the happiness factor for your residents by hosting quarterly events that provide education and training for your dog-guardian residents.

Interested condo boards can contact us at the form below and we will be in touch within 5 (five) business days to confirm receipt and arrange for your custom discount code and materials to send home with your residents.

Thank you for setting your residents up for success by promoting safe and responsible dog-guardianship through humane, science-based training!


“The presentation you put on for our Pet Party was unbelievable!! I know several had more questions for you. It would be my pleasure to have you back for a second session. Caryn, thank you so much for everything and I'm so happy we can collaborate with you now and in the future!” ~ V.B. @ Two St Thomas


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