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    Dog Walker Certificate Program

    Become a Certified Professional Dog Walker

    Are you looking for a change in career and want to work with dogs? Do you love getting out in the fresh air and being active, rain or shine? If you’re tired of sitting at a desk for eight hours a day working toward someone else’s dream, the dog walking industry might be for you!

    Who should take this course?

    • anyone interested in a career with dogs

    • volunteers or fosters with rescue organisations or shelters

    • current pet professionals (dog walker, boarder/pet sitter, daycare staff, shelter worker, veterinarian, or technician)

    • anyone wanting to learn more about canine behaviour & body language

    • anyone who is tired of the 9-5 grind

    • anyone who wants to run a business or join an already existing one

    • those who love being active in any weather

    • those want to help people improve their relationship with their dog

    Why I created this program


    Years ago, I started out as a Dog Walker out of convenience; I had a dog with severe separation anxiety and couldn’t leave him alone. I was already working as an apprentice with a Dog Trainer, so it felt like the right path. I quit my corporate job and started walking neighbourhood dogs for a small fee. Word travelled fast, and I started taking on more and more clients. Before I knew it, I was walking dogs full-time and loving the experience I was gaining. I learned so much about dog behaviour and body language and it really helped me to build my dog training career. 

    The only challenge was that it felt like trial-by-fire. I was learning everything on the fly and I felt like I was dodging bullets. I wished for a program that would teach me all I needed to know to have the confidence to run my business successfully and still love what I was doing. I studied other Dog Walkers and Pet Professionals and continued my education in animal behaviour, and finally launched Toronto’s first Dog Walker Course in 2009 - ten years ago! What started out as a four-hour program, grew into an eight-hour program, a two-day program, and finally, a three-day certificate program. 

    My passion is people AND dogs. I can't wait to share my knowledge, skill, and experience with you, and get to know YOU and why you can't wait to work with dogs. 



    What you'll learn

    • canine behaviour & body language so that you can confidently handle the dogs in your care

    • learning theory & myth-busting so that you can truly understand the dogs without having to be a "whisperer"

    • handling techniques that can be applied in real-life situations

    • transport safety and emergency management so that you can be sure the dogs in your care are safe at all times

    • tools & equipment so you're not fumbling with the basics

    • group management & screening so you can be sure you're taking on the clients you want and pairing appropriate dogs together

    • strategies for starting or improving your own business because while we do it for the love of dogs, we keep doing it because we can afford to!

    • sales, business practices & policies, customer service because not everyone has a masters in business administration

    • confidence in taking the next step in this career

    What is included in the tuition?

    This program is a knowledge certificate course for those currently working in the field or just getting started. Students must complete all modules including assignments and a final exam.  

    • Lectures

    • Photo & video analysis

    • Assignments & quizzes

    • Discussions

    • Final exam


    Upon successful completion, you will receive:

    • A certificate (digital)

    • A badge for your website and marketing material

    • A 1-year Exclusive Membership, which includes:

      • Access to a closed Facebook support group

      • 2x Monthly Live Group Coaching Sessions (via FB/Zoom)

      • Excellent ongoing resources and mini-courses

      • Discounts on continuing education

      • Exclusive access to class auditing opportunities in Toronto


    Location: Queen Elizabeth Park Community & Cultural Centre | 2302 Bridge Road | Oakville, Ontario, Canada | L6L 3L5

    Date: 3 days | June 7-9, 2019 | 10:00am-6:00pm

    *Parking, lunch and refreshments included!


    Location: Wherever you are in the world!

    Date: Start on the 15th of every month (runs for 8 weeks)

    What are you waiting for?

    You deserve a successful business and life! Get the roadmap without the "trial by fire". We'll give you the knowledge, confidence, and support you need to jump feet first into this career and hit the ground running.

    Not sure if this program is right for you?

    Book a FREE 15-minute Discovery Call with me and let’s find out!


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