Guidelines for Kids in Class

We love having kids 6 years+ in our manners classes! To protect the safety of everyone in class, canines and humans alike, please follow our guidelines:

  • Children must be under parental/guardian supervision at all times.

  • Parents/guardians (18 yrs+) must supervise their children during the entire class.

  • Should a parent, guardian, or child require the use of the restroom, or dogs require a potty break, children must remain with an adult at all times. Staff and other students are not available to take on this responsibility. Stick together!

  • No running or yelling will be permitted.

  • Volume needs to be kept to a minimum to avoid distracting other students.

  • Since not all dogs are comfortable around or friendly toward children, children should be instructed to never approach or pet any other dog in class.

  • If you are concerned that your child may not find the classes entertaining, please bring a quiet activity for them (book, tablet, music with headphones) or ask one of our instructors to lend you one of our colouring books / word search books during class.

  • If your child is handling the leash or your dog in a manner that causes your dog to show signs of stress, ask us for tips on interactions between dogs and kids – we’re here to help!

Remember that positive reinforcement works well with all species! Let’s make this a positive experience for everyone!