Handle with Care

Fear Free Handling for the Vet & Groomer

A one-of-a-kind, specialised program for dogs who need a helping hand with husbandry. If your dog is resistant to restraint, cranky with clippers, bonkers over brushing, or flat out stressed when it comes to vet visits or grooming sessions, this class is for you.

Using the same techniques used in zoos, we will help your dog become a willing participant in their own care. It doesn't have to be stressful or dangerous - let's make it a game!



$275 +HST

Requirements: Must be tolerant of dogs / people. Bite history in relation to handling must be disclosed in advance. New students must complete our online General Orientation and preferably our FREE Marker-Based Training mini-course prior to starting classes.

Note: There are no make-up classes for this course. Please ensure this fits with your schedule. Handouts are provided after each class so that you can practice at home.

Audit spots (sans-dog) available for $175+HST