We’re not like other schools, and here’s why:

YOU CAN START AS EARLY AS 8 weeks of age

Gone are the days of waiting until your pup is “old enough to start classes”. We start training as soon as your puppy comes home! You probably already noticed that they’re learning every moment, whether or not you think you’re training. Puppies can learn behaviours from the time their eyes open, so don’t wait until 6 months to un-train unwanted behaviours and to re-train what you want to see! Start now, and don’t delay!

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Your breeder took care of the first set of shots and your local Veterinarian can verify this, give your new puppy a “new puppy exam” and a deworming or fecal test to rule out typical parasites, and send you on your way. No need to wait until they’ve had two sets of shots to get started - they have enough immunity to attend a well-run puppy class with low risk.


Our facility is sanitised at least 1.5 hours prior to each and every puppy class, and we remove our outdoor shoes to eliminate the spread of bacteria. Every puppy is vetted locally prior to joining class to ensure un(der)vaccinated or ill puppies are not interacting.

your whole family can attend

We use science-based, family-friendly, positive reinforcement methods with both dogs and people. We provide a relaxing, low-distraction environment in which your dog (and you!) can learn. We use food, play, and other reinforcers to teach new behaviours and create positive associations. You will never need to use force or scare-tactics with your dog when you use our dog-friendly method of training. Your dog will respect and trust you!

your veterinarian trusts us

We run a tight ship here, and Toronto’s Veterinary clinics and local breeders know it! We come highly recommended because they have seen us in action, attended our classes with their own puppies, and have seen the amazing results an early puppy socialisation class can produce.

you’re going to get more than just the basics

We split each class into three parts:

  1. Socialisation with everything your puppy needs to be comfortable around in everyday life (people, dogs, mobility devices, novel items, textures, sounds, handling, tools for vet and groomer)

  2. Training the behaviours you need your puppy to be fluent in as soon as possible (sit, down, come, drop it, leave it, walking on leash)

  3. Off-leash controlled playtime with well-matched puppies in the same age group, where our instructors narrate body language, teach consent tests, and help you feel comfortable with dog-dog interactions while your puppy learns how to play properly with others.


Our classes run like a yoga pass - you purchase a 5-class pass and you attend five times within four weeks. Classes are offered multiple times each week and you can attend up to twice per week to really get the most out of this critical socialisation period. There are five themes to complete and each focuses on the behaviours you need your puppy to learn, fast. We offer a convenient online booking system (web & mobile), too!


You don’t have to wait until the next round of classes starts - you can start anytime with our open-enrolment system! This also means that your puppy won’t just be socialised with the same 4 dogs each week, there will be a variety of puppies and people to meet every time!

you get so much more support than just classes

There is so much more! Students receive a Puppy Handbook covering “all things puppy”, detailed handouts emailed to you after each class so that you don’t have to take notes, instructional videos for typical puppy problems, referrals to other pet professionals whom we trust (walkers, sitters, vets, groomers, daycares), free and discounted online courses in potty training, home-alone training, crate-training, and more, discounts on virtual and private lessons during your pass, and a match-making service where we help you find other puppies who are a good fit for your puppy. Graduation includes a certificate, a photo, and social media fame!

You are forever part of our family

When you join our classes, you will have access to our TCCE Alumni forum (Secret Facebook Group) where you can get regular support from our team, ask questions, share experiences, and set up playdates with other vetted puppies. Running into challenges as your puppy gets older? No problem - you still have access to us and we can help.

We offer unparalleled support. Just ask our graduates!