Primary School Confirmation

You are confirmed to start Primary School right away. Your detailed handouts are attached below. Before coming to your first class, please ensure that you have read all the information below. 

finding our location

We are conveniently located on the west side of Leslieville on Carlaw Avenue between Dundas Street East & Gerrard Street East, at 388 Carlaw Avenue. This large industrial building that stretches from Dundas to Gerrard. Please enter through the green doors with the white frame, right beside Rise Espresso. Follow the outdoor sign. Please do not use any other entrance or exit, as you will get lost in the 350,000 maze. (Seriously.)

See here for more details on parking and finding us.

booking your classes

You have access to our online class reservation system where you can book the classes you would like to attend. You get 4 classes and 3 weeks to use them starting from your first class. If a class is full, simply add your attendance anyways and if someone cancels, you'll be bumped into that spot! Keep an eye on your email as you get closer to that date! 

When booking classes, please be advised that the system creates your pass start date with the first class you book. If you book a class on the 4th of the month and then try to book a class on the 3rd of the month, the system will ask you to pay again. (Don't!) Simply book the 3rd of the month first and then the 4th. Let us know if you have trouble and we can fix it for you in a jiffy! 

We strongly recommend that our students book times in advance to avoid missing out and wait listing. If 24 hours prior to our class, we have low registration, we will cancel the class and ask registered students to rebook. We do this to ensure that dogs receive the socialisation opportunities they need during learning. 

Want faster access to booking classes? Download the app and make us a favourite! 

class themes

There are 5 class themes and you have 4 weeks to complete all five. There is no particular order in which to complete your classes, however, we do not recommend starting with the Vet & Groomer theme if you are new to our school. 

  1. NOVEL ITEMS - Umbrella, skateboard, etc... | EYE CONTACT / POLITE WALKING / DROP IT

  2. VET / GROOMER - Medical / grooming tools, handling | LOOK AT THAT / LURE TO SCALE / HAND TARGETING

  3. PEOPLE / DOGS - Greeting people & dogs | LOOK AT THAT / SIT-STAY / GREETINGS & CALL-AWAY

  4. TEXTURES / SOUNDS - Textures to walk on / sounds | ELEVATOR / TAKE IT / LEAVE IT

  5. MOBILITY DEVICES - Wheelchair, walker, cane, crutches | HAND TARGETING / RECALL / NAME RECOGNITION

Please note that our classes may book up quickly. We recommend trying to book your classes all at once, as early on as possible. You may join wait lists as well in case there are cancellations. Do not despair or panic! Contact our office if you are concerned about getting all your classes in - we can add more classes as needed and your input is helpful. 


After each class, you will receive handouts that relate specifically to what was covered in that class. Stay tuned and make sure we have your preferred email address.

before class

  • Ensure your dog is well; dogs that are showing signs such as coughing, sneezing, lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting, etc...should not be admitted to class. If your dog has contracted an illness, your responsibility is to notify us in advance of the class so that we can make appropriate arrangements. If you're not sure, call us before bringing your dog in! Better safe than sorry.

  • Be sure that you are confirmed for the class before you attend. A "wait list" booking is not a definite attendance.

  • Cancel your booking with 24 hours' notice if you are unable to attend! If you cancel, someone else on the wait list can attend and fill our class. If you hold the spot and you don't show up, we all lose (the class is still counted towards your pass).

  • Prior to coming, we require you to read our School Etiquette by clicking here.

what to bring

  • A mat or blanket on which your dog can settle.

  • A stuffed Kong, marrow bone, Bully Stick, or other long lasting chew that entices your dog in a busy environment. We have great ideas - click here.

  • A treat pouch (we sell these at the school or you can bring something similar from home)

  • Approximately 250 soft, pea-sized treats (a FULL Ziploc baggie for example) - bring more than you think you will need. Please do not bring kibble! Kibble will not suffice for your dog in this environment! Need treat ideas? Click here.

  • Your clicker (please ask us for yours at your first class)

  • A properly fitted harness & a 6’-8’ flat leash (no retractable leashes allowed!)

during class

Please come prepared for class! When you arrive on your first day, wait for our signal and then drop your outdoor shoes on the shoe rack in the waiting room and go into the classroom to find a "private suite" and engage your puppy in a calm/quiet activity on their mat.

If at any point you are embarrassed by your puppy’s behaviour, toss that embarrassment out the window because you’re in good company. Your puppy is perfect and we love them. We can help you with any of the behaviours that are driving you mad. Just ask!  

after class

Once our class has finished, we kindly ask that you keep your pup on leash and pack up for home - please ask questions during class-time, on our closed Facebook group, or via remote consultations or private lessons. We may have another class starting immediately and it's important that we respect the next group of students. 

cancellation policy

You can change/delete your booking at least 24 hours prior to class time. You can add a new attendance up to a couple hours prior to class time. Missed classes that are not cancelled through the system are not credited unless in certain circumstances (illness, injury, vet recommendation).

If at any point your dog is unable to continue in classes, please let us know immediately upon diagnosis so that we can put your package on hold. Without immediate notification, your package will expire. 

Kids in class

We welcome kids 6 yrs+ in our classes and require all parents familiarise themselves with our guidelines so that we can keep our classes kid-friendly and safe for everyone. Click here to view and ask us if you have any questions!


Please ensure you have read our policies in full - click here to view them and ask us if you have any questions!

Additional Support

During your series, please feel free to connect with us as needed with questions or concerns. If your question or concern is a little more in-depth than we can handle in an email due to ethics or time constraints, please book a phone consultation or private lesson.

We offer our Primary School students discounted private lessons during your class pass (sessions must be used prior to pass expiration date to avoid adjustment in fee!)