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Only handlers 18 years+ are permitted to register a dog for classes.
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Best phone number to reach you
(555-555-5555) Please use a phone number that you check regularly! (i.e., not your office number!) We need to be able to get ahold of you in the event that there is a school closure or cancellation.
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If not, please book that now! The form your vet will be required to sign will be emailed to you once you submit this form. If you need a referral to a great vet, please contact our office and we will provide you with a list.
I confirm that I will not attend public dog parks with my puppy until they have graduated Primary School. *
Dog parks are breeding grounds for many types of parasites and diseases because they are frequented by high numbers of dogs who are not vetted upon entry. They urinate and defecate there and as we know, there is no poop-fairy, so the waste is absorbed into the soil and carried on your puppy's feet, or even ingested during play. Your puppy may have all their shots, however other puppies in the class may not have all their shots so it puts others at risk when you take your puppy to a dog park and then allow them to play in class.
I understand that I must take five classes within 4 weeks and that there are no extensions for this level due to the classes being age-sensitive *
A misspelt email address will delay your registration drastically! Please don't copy/paste from above - retype it here and be sure it's correct!