Reactive Dog Training

Does your dog's barking and lunging on walks get you down?

The humiliation and frustration is so real. Working through leash-reactivity can cause us to feel anxious, frustrated, and hopeless. 

I also know what a commitment it is to seek professional help. For that reason, I have designed a plan that helps both ends of the leash succeed.


Are you tired of being told:: 

  • Be more "Alpha"

  • Your anxiety is causing his anxiety

  • You're reinforcing his fear

  • He's being dominant

  • You have to show him you're the boss and you're in control

  • He can sense your fear

  • Your anxiety is travelling down the leash

  • He's trying to protect you

  • He's leading you and doesn't see you as the leader of the pack

It's hard to wade through the advice (whether free or paid) and know what's right and what will work. I tried everything imaginable and it felt like nothing was working and some strategies even backfired horribly. I was tired of being blamed for my dog's reactivity and the guilt was keeping me up at night. 

I started having anxiety before and during every walk. I was dreading being in public with Parker and it was breaking my heart because he was otherwise almost perfect. I loved him so much but I didn't know how much longer I could go on with this reactivity. 

I know what a commitment it is to seek professional help and to also receive conflicting advice from well-intentioned strangers, family, friends, and even professionals. 

I also know what it feels like to improve my dog's leash-reactivity and walk down the street feeling relaxed and proud

For that reason, I have designed a program that is founded in behavioural science and helps both ends of the leash succeed, without resorting to punishment and scare-tactics

I know you love your dog. That's why you're here. You want to change your dog's behaviour AND save your relationship with that nearly-perfect dog of yours. There is hope.

Three options, depending on your location & needs:

SS_ Reactive Dog Program - ONLINE (1) (1).png

Great for independent learners who need support and accountability


Reactive Dog Program - BLENDED-PRIVATE (1).png

Great for local (Toronto) students wanting to work in a group environment

Only suitable for dog-dog reactivity

SS_ Reactive Dog Program - BLENDED-PRIVATE (1).png

Great for local (Toronto) students who need one-on-one support in-person

Great for human-directed reactivity