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Reactive Dog Training Group Classes

Do you have a dog-reactive dog who is a sweetheart with people?

Group classes that are specifically designed for reactive dogs in our online program are a perfect fit for you.

Get all the education from the comfort of your home, plus an in-person, live assessment with Certified Professional Trainers who specialise in reactivity, and four group classes with people who are working through the same challenges with their dog.

  • Timed entrances and exits to prevent reactive greetings

  • Visual barriers to prevent dogs from seeing their triggers while learning

  • Two qualified instructors who get to know you and your dog

  • Small class sizes and individual attention

  • Convenient location (Leslieville, Toronto)

  • Instant results with hands-on learning

  • Set-ups using fake AND live decoy dogs

  • Controlled environment for safety

  • Low-stress and non-judgemental environment

  • Dog-friendly methods and tools - no punishment or scare-tactics!

  • Effective and ethical for both dogs and humans!


Included in your tuition:

  • Online course

  • 1 private lesson

  • 4 group classes

  • 1 additional month in our continuing support membership

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Requirements for group classes:

  • Must be 8 months or older

  • Newly adopted rescues must be in the home for 30 days prior to starting classes

  • Must be friendly toward people

  • Up to date on core vaccines or provide adequate titer

  • Two adult handlers (18 years+), no one under 16 years permitted in the school during group classes