Rescue Partnership Program

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Rescues are such a special “breed”, aren’t they? They need a period of decompression, an emotionally “padded” environment as they settle in, a patient human or two to help guide them, and a predictable, safe environment in which to flourish.

The Centre for Canine Education offers a program for rescue organisations who support positive reinforcement based training for their rescues.

Interested rescue organisations can contact us at the form below and we will be in touch within 5 (five) business days to confirm receipt and arrange for your custom discount code and materials to send home with your newly adopted rescue dogs.

Would you like a customised rescue-raising pack to send home? Let us know and we can work together!

Thank you for setting your rescues up for a new life of success by encouraging their new guardians to raise them patiently, using humane, science-based training methods!


Thank you so much, Caryn! I've sent the code to [the adoptive] family. I've asked them to get registered as soon as they can. They said they were reading about the course and wondered when you were in their house because you described [their dog] perfectly. 😉 Thank you also for the code to share with the rest of the rescue. That was very kind of you and I really appreciate it. I hope I get to meet you someday! ~ P.H. Lab Rescue


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