Separation Anxiety in Dogs

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You've scoured the internet, you've gotten advice from friends, family, and strangers on social media, and perhaps you've hired a trainer but haven't found success yet! 

Don't despair! Separation Anxiety is a very complex beast and there is a lot of info out there that is well-meant, but very conflicting and often impractical. 

If you're sick of exercising your dog to exhaustion just so that you can leave (and still come home to a disaster zone or noise complaints), this program is exactly what you need.

We offer a combination of online learning and live coaching with a full support group and monthly membership.

The online course provides

  • Clear and detailed lessons

  • Science-based advice that does not rely on gimmicks and quick-fixes

  • At-your-fingertips resources for setting up technology

  • Real-life video assessments of clients' dogs with Separation Anxiety

  • Step-by-step training plans for every step of the way

  • Workbooks and cheat-sheets (fillable and printable)

  • Video interview with a Veterinary Behaviourist

  • Articles and journals to support your learning

  • Quizzes to test your learning (optional)

  • A group discussion board for additional support and cheerleading

The monthly membership includes

  • Access to the secret Facebook group for ongoing support

  • Two LIVE group coaching sessions per month

  • Two LIVE student assessments per month

  • Priority booking for one-on-one coaching

Not sure this program is right for you? Book a FREE 15-minute call with a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer and let's find out.

If you're not certain if your dog has Separation Anxiety or how this program will help, let's talk about it! Should you hire a private trainer or work with us and our proven methods?

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